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Suva Map

Below is a map of the Suva region on the south-east section of the main island of Viti Levu, as well as a City of Suva map.

Map of Suva region
Suva Region map
The above map shows the central City of Suva highlighted in red. One can see from the map the location of the Suva International Airport at Nausori, about 30 minutes drive east of the city. The Queen's Highway is seen leading from the City on the left hand side, via the satellite town of Lami and the Bay of Islands. The coastal highway route to Nadi town and Nadi International Airport (main gateway to the Fiji Islands) in the north west of the island takes around four hours, with much of the journey winding along the beautiful coastline and Coral Coast of Fiji.
Map of Suva City
Suva City map

The map of the City of Suva in Fiji Islands above shows that Suva takes up the whole of a land promontory. The western side of the promontory is the main CBD and it faces the west over the Suva Harbour. The Bay of Islands region around Lami (seen on the left side of this Suva map), together with the highlands behind Lami, form an impressive scenic backdrop. On the eastern side of the promontory is to be found the University of the South Pacific Campus (USP), plus residential areas and light industrial areas. The Suva Golf Course is also located on this side. On the southernmost point of this map of Suva is Suva Point, which has a small beach and old Colonial style homes. A waterfront esplanade stretches right around the promontory, affording lovely scenic ocean views.

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